the-bullits1-e1367577647159You can tell the pedigree of an artist by the company they keep and the calibre of talent they collaborate with. Which in turn makes The Bullitts (aka Jeymes Samuel singer/songwriter/producer/filmmaker ) a member of musical royalty.

The single ‘They Die By Dawn’ (featuring Yasiin Bey and Jay Elctronica) is a wonderful preview to new album ‘They Die By Dawn and Other Short Stories’, scheduled for release on June 4th 2013. The track’s sound and style inspired Samuel to make a movie of the same title. That movie wowed audiences at this years SXSW (South By South West) festival as well.

Not one to rest on his laurels Bullitts worked with Jay Z on the sountrack for the epic ‘The Great Gatsby’. Fame’s Phil Allely was very fortunate to get an audience with the great man himself and have a short chat.

Here are highlights from their interview.

Hi Jeymes and thanks for granting us a few minutes of your time. I am sure you are very busy. Can we start off by asking you how you describe Bullitts the artist. What does the moniker mean to you?

The name The Bullitts is the moniker I make music under and for me it signifies the removal of creative barriers and walls. I think, I create.

Your single ‘They Die By Dawn’ is a real treat for the ears and a visual one too. How would you pitch it to our readers?

It’s a sonic hybrid championing the life of the Old West into the modern day neighbourhoods and inner cities which we grow up in today. The two are pretty much the same place.they die by dawnYou have worked with a great number of artists on many of your tracks. Do you have a wishlist of people to collaborate with?

I had a wish list, but I’ve been completing it like Jason Lee in My name Is Earl. I always wanted to work with with Jay-Z, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Tori Amos. When I did I felt elation eying belief.

In relation to collaborations. Do you have to plan things meticulously to ensure there are no schedule clashes?

Not with music. It’s always organic in it’s arrangement. Musicians go with the flow even when there are stringent times and deadlines in place. We hardly ever meet them. With film however, it is always meticulous organisation. An hour lost will cost you tens of thousands to recover from.

Your film ‘They Die By Dawn’ has received some rave reviews. How does it feel to know so many people are enjoying your visual work?

It is a dream come true knowing that people respond to the crazy ideas I have, all starting from the head of a kid in the bedroom of his mum’s house. It’s indescribable when I try to articulate it, but it’s a real magical feeling.

My right eyebrow raising usually signifies I am immensely pleased. That eyebrow has now risen so high that Spock looks at me and says; “That is a high eyebrow you have there Jeymes. Live long and prosper.”they die by dawn1 Did you get to attend the screening at SXSW? The event is a wonderful platform for an artist to showcase their work.

I was there. It was amazing to watch the first crowd to see it react to all the words and action. I received a great response. It was beautiful.

From what we hear the full album follows a similar cinemtaic style. There are also a number of guest appearances throughout it as well. In your own words how would you describe the album and its tracks?

I describe my album as Action/Adventure. A sonic assault onto the senses. It’s fun, troublesome and banging! Get ready. I’m about to make melodic sound worthy of your time again.the bullitsI know you have made some live appearances. Do you enjoy performing live?

I love it. I will be doing a lot more performances upon the album’s release. It’s Superdope bringing your songs to life in a public setting.

How did you become involved in Jay Z’s sountrack for ‘The Great Gatsby’, directed by Baz Luhrmann ?

Jay-Z and I met and collaborated through Jay Electronica and we became friends immediately. I think that he wanted me to go on the journey of The Great Gatsby with him because we both think visually in terms of music. It was a dream come true to work on the movie with Jay and Baz Luhrmann. Amazing beyond words!

How do you approach scoring a movie such as this.?

I am Executive Music Consultant for The Great Gatsby. And my golden rule is; Everything has to serve the movie. The film is master. So I followed that rule to the letter and it became very instinctive for me. Working with Baz and Jay is a separate movie altogether. I wish you could be a fly on the wall watching these two geniuses communicate and being in the middle. Amazing.

Have you any artsists who inspire you?
Absolutely. I’m inspired by a lot of film composers. Henry Mancini, Ennio Morricone, Lalo Schifrin, Bernard Hermann are all big influences and inspirations.

Finally may we ask you what music stye is your personal guilty pleasure?

I have musical pleasures but I don’t feel guilty about them. I don’t like EDM much. If I did that would be a guilty pleasure. I DO however, have movie guilty pleasures. My biggest one is You Got Served! That film is so trash and crappy that it is genius. When it comes on I stop whatever I’m doing, check the rooms in the house, make sure nobody is in, make some microwave popcorn, turn up the TV to full blast… And start doing acrobats to Omarion and Marques Houston’s acting and routines.

Shhh… don’t let no one know!

By Phil Allely ©

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