300px-Francisco_de_Goya,_Saturno_devorando_a_su_hijo_(1819-1823)Saturn Devouring His Son is the name given to a painting by Spanish artist Francisco Goya.

According to the traditional interpretation, it depicts the Greek myth of the Titan Cronus (in the title Romanised to Saturn), who, fearing that he would be overthrown by his children, ate each one upon their birth. wikipedia.org

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The new generations are without fathers, they are the offspring of N.N., from the Latin “Nomen nescio: I do not know the name.”.

On their identity cards, on their work documents, on their university records, in the field for “offspring of” there’s the code N.N., offspring of no one, offspring of guilt, offspring of unknown father, offspring of old whoremmongers that have blown away every possible scrap of inheritance leaving the heirs just with debts.

However, there’s no one that is evidently responsible for the poverty, for the lack of a future, the lack of any hope, that is the lot of these young people. No one admits that they are responsible for the outcomes. It’s all the work of cynical and swindling destiny, of the Holy Spirit, of the new divinity called the market that suddenly appears like an angry idol that asks for human sacrifices.

The catastrophe has supernatural origins, it’s not caused by amateurs, scoundrels, or delinquents that have determinedly and scientifically dismantled the Italian State in the last twenty years.

Those fathers that refuse to accept any blame for the national disaster, that however are receiving annuities and double pensions, white-haired people who have never had to experience unemployment or worry about how to earn their daily bread, people who are still here, still explaining how and why it’s the new generations that are “picky”, big babies, the ones who are truly guilty.

They are telling us the fairy story that by placing our trust in them, in their experience and ability and sense of the State, the country will be changed. This is what the Whoremonger Fathers are saying, the ones who are leaving behind the greatest act of plunder to the detriment of the young generations.

These fathers that weep and screw are people like Bersani, D’Alema, Berlusconi, Cicchitto, Monti that happily take us for a ride every day with their appeals for governability.

They have taken it in turns to govern for twenty years, they have taken care of their own interests, they have dismantled the world of manufacturing, they have squeezed the social State, they have destroyed innovation and research. For twenty years the PDL and the PDminusL have been taking us for a ride and they haven’t yet felt sufficient shame to spontaneously remove themselves from the scene after Penati, Tedesco, Dell’Utri, Cuffaro, Monte Paschi di Siena, after the “Lodo Alfano”, the Fiscal Shield and a hundred abominable laws.

Twenty years without managing to produce a law against corruption and against the conflict of interests, twenty years to transform the electoral law into a caricature of anticostitutionality, without ever finding the time (ahhhh, the time…) to alter it. N.N.’s offspring will send you away, in one way or another, time is on their side.

From you, they have received only promises and sneers. They have nothing to lose. They have no job, no house, they will never have a pension and they can’t even imagine having a family. They will give everything back to you with interest.