PETA - Little Rock AngelsDaughters of The Clash’s Mick Jones and Oasis’ Noel Gallagher , 10-year-old Stella Jones and 8-year-old Ava Jones and 13-year-old Anais Gallagher, are the young stars of a brand-new PETA advert, shot by top celebrity photographer Pal Hansen, that reads, “Cruelty Doesn’t Fly With Us. Be an Angel for Animals”. “Only Bullies Hurt Animals. Don’t Be Afraid to Report Them”.

Anais Gallagher explains: “We all know it’s wrong to abuse animals, but it takes courage to speak up when we see an animal in trouble, If you suspect that somebody’s hurting an animal, be brave – tell your parents, a teacher, PETA or a police officer. You could save that animal’s life.”

There are more reasons to report animal abuse: studies have repeatedly demonstrated that children who abuse animals are more likely to bully classmates and grow up to be violent adults. Parents can help instil empathy for all living beings by always teaching children to be kind to animals.